Customs- further amendment of SION of Food Products (Product Code: ˜E™)

  (To be published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part-1 Section-1)

GOI; Ministry of Commerce & Industry; Department of Commerce; Directorate General of Foreign Trade

 PUBLIC NOTICE No.  94 (RE-2010)/2009-14; Dated 1st Feburary, 2012

 Subject:- Amendment of  Standard Input Output Norms (SION)  of Food Products (Product Code: ˜E™) in the Handbook of Procedures V.2 (2009-14)

 In exercise of the powers conferred under Para 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14, the  Director General of Foreign Trade  hereby  revises the SION E-1 and notifies a new SION E-1A for the Export Product  ˜Assorted Confectionery™  in the Handbook of Procedures V.2 (2009-14) as under:


S.No. Export Item Qty.     Import Item Qty. allowed
E-1 AssortedConfectionery

(with Sugar)

100Kg 1*   Cane Sugar 60 Kg
2   Liquid Glucose          20 Kg 
3 a) 


Relevant Fruit (Juice/ Pulp /Puree)             OR

Cocoa, Milk  & Milk Products

15 Kg 

10 Kg

4   Citric Acid/Tartaric Acid/Malic Acid (Food Grade relevant) 03 Kg
5 i) Relevant Essential Oils 500gms
  ii) Relevant Food Colours 10gms
  iii Relevant food Flavours 100gms
6   Emulsifier/  Stabilizer / Glazing Agent/ Binders /Thickeners (item as per PFA Act 1955) 100gms
7   Other Confectionery  ingredients –edible molasses, malt extracts, edible oils and fats, fruits and fruit products, nut and nut products, tea extracts, coffee extracts, edible desiccated coconut. 05  kg
8   Packing Material As per packing policy



S.No. Export Item Qty.     Import Item Qty. allowed
E-1A Assorted Confectionery(Sugar Free) 100Kg 1* a) Saccharin Sodium            OR 200gms 
  b) Aspertame              OR 400gms 
  c) Acesulfame   Potassium 400gms
2**   Starch / Modified Starch /Gelatin               60Kg 
3 to 9   Same as item no 2 to 8 of above Norm at E-1   


*Note 1.  Import of artificial sweetening agents viz. Lactose/ Mannitol, as substitute inputs is not allowed against Item No. 1, as is also spelt out in Policy Circular No.13 dated 31.01.2011.

 **Note 2. Tapioca Starch / Wheat Gluten is not allowed for import against   item No.2 of E-1A.

 2.    Effect of the Public Notice.

 Description of input items have been mentioned in more specific details and quantities rationalized for export of Assorted Confectionery made of Cane Sugar. Another entry has also been created for Sugar free Assorted Confectionery.

 Anup K. Pujari

Director General of Foreign Trade



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