Approval for funding Phase IV of the UIDAI

The Cabinet Committee on Unique Identification Authority of India (CC-UIDAI) today approved cost estimates of Phase IV of the UID Scheme at an estimated cost of Rs.3436.16 crore which includes various project components such as cost of enrolment for additional 40 crore residents through multiple registrars, cost of updation services, cost of printing and delivery of Aadhaar letters, additional cost for construction of buildings for headquarters, data centres, non-data centres and additional rent for regional offices of UIDAI.

The expenditure comprises (a) Rs. 1600 crore towards cost of enrolments for additional 40 crore residents, (b) Rs. 490 crore towards cost of updation services, (c) Rs.1049 crore towards cost of printing and dispatch of Aadhaar letters, (d) Rs. 247.16 crore towards additional cost for construction of buildings for headquarters, data centres and non-data centres.

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UIDAI – Aadhaar

Phase IV of the project will commence immediately. Since the launch of the project on 29th September 2010, UID numbers have been issued to more than 31 crore residents. Enrolment for additional 40 crore residents allotted to UIDAI will be completed by March 2014. UID numbers will also be issued in respect of enrolment data packets received through Registrar General of India (RGI) as per their committed time lines.

The UID project would provide unique numbers to all residents of India. The UID project is primarily aimed at ensuring inclusive growth by providing a form of identity to those who do not have any identity. It also seeks to provide UID numbers to marginalized section of the society and thus would strengthen equity. Apart from providing identity, the UID will enable better delivery of services and effective governance.


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was established in 2009 and has been mandated to issue Unique Identification (UID) numbers to residents of India. UIDAI was constituted by the Government of India on 28th January 2009 as an attached office of the Planning Commission. Consequent upon creation and establishment of the UIDAI in 2009 for providing unique identification to residents across the country, the proposal for Phase I of the scheme was placed before the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) for seeking approval for an amount of Rs.147.31 crore to meet expenditure during the initial period of 12 months. The proposal was approved by the SFC in its meeting held on 11th November, 2009 and by the Finance Minister subsequently.

Subsequently, Phase II of the scheme comprising cost estimates towards issuing 10 crore UID numbers (Aadhaar numbers) through multiple registrars, other project components and recurring establishment costs for the period upto March 2014 for an total outlay of Rs.3,023.01 crore was approved by the CC-UIDAI in its meeting held on 22nd July, 2010.

Thereafter, Phase III of the scheme comprising cost estimates towards issue of UID numbers (Aadhaar numbers) to 20 crore residents through multiple registrars upto March 2012, technology and other support infrastructure costs for creation, storage and maintenance of data and services for leveraging the usage of Aadhaar for the entire estimated resident population upto March 2017 was approved by the CC-UIDAI in its meeting held on 27th January, 2012. The outlay was Rs.8,814.75 crore by subsuming the earlier approval of Rs.3,023.01 crore for Phase II of the Scheme.


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