International Labour Conference of ILO to begin in Geneva next week

The 102nd Session of International Labour Conference of ILO to begin in Geneva next week Focus will be ON Employment and Social Protection in the new Demographic Context, Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs. A Recurrent Discussion on the Strategic Objective of Social Dialogue will also be There.

The 102nd Session of International Labour Conference of International Labour Organisation (ILO)  is scheduled to begin  in the Hague, Geneva next week. The agenda for the fortnight long session include focus on employment and social protection in the new demographic context, sustainable development, decent work and green jobs  as well as a  recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of social dialogue.

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In this regard a pre departure briefing under the chairmanship of Union Labour & Employment Secretary Dr.Mrutyunjay Sarangi was arranged here in New Delhi today for the members of the Indian Tripartite Delegation attending the 102nd Session of the International Labour Conference of ILO .

 It was emphasized that as this conference provides a unique opportunity to social partners and Governments to put forward their views on the issues impinging on the world of work directly or indirectly and to suggest the best possible mechanism for handling them. Hence. to make the best possible use of this occasion and to protect the interest of our country it is important that the issues before the Conference are understood in the proper perspective so as to crystallize our views for putting forth effectively.

The  members of the delegation were given a presentation on the agenda for the ensuing ILO session which include following items:

Standing Items

I         Reports of the Chairperson of the Governing Body and of the Director-General

II        Programme and Budget and other questions.

III      Information and reports on the application of Conventions and Recommendations.

Items placed on the agenda by the Conference or the Governing Body

IV      Employment and social protection in the new demographic context General discussion

V        Sustainable Development, decent work and green jobs General discussion

VI      A recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of social dialogue under the follow up to the 2008 ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization.

It was also informed that a Committee of Experts on Application on Conventions and Recommendations will consider information and reports supplied by Governments under Article 19, 22 and 35.  This year in the report of Committee of Experts on Application of Conventions and Recommendations has listed five Conventions in the context of India.  These are:

(i)       Convention No. 29 Forced Labour Convention, 1930

(ii)      Convention No. 42 Workmen Compensation (Occupational Diseases) Convention (Revised), 1939

(iii)     Convention No. 200 Equal Remuneration Convention, 1952

(iv)     Convention No. 222 Discrimination (Employment & Occupation) Convention, 1958

(v)      Convention No. 111 Employment Policy Convention, 1964

ILO members

ILO members

The new demographic context in the developed world is characterized principally by population-ageing whereas in India, we are having a sizeable youth population.  The percentage of youth in India™s population is going to rapidly increase in the coming years.  The concern of developed world is regarding financial pressures on Social Security Systems, because of reduced percentage of working people.  In india, the main challenge before us is to impart the relevant skills to millions of youth joining the labour force every year.  The ILC Committee discussing the Agenda Item Employment and social protection in the new demographic context will debate upon improving decent work opportunities for all working age population groups and at the same time extending social safety  net.

The Second Technical Committee of the International Labour Conference will be deliberating upon Sustainable Development, decent work and green jobs.  Sustainable Development has three components economic, social and environmental.  Last year, in Rio+ 20 meeting various aspects of sustainable development were discussed at length.  Developing countries were successful in protecting their  interest during the discussion in this meeting and the final outcome document provides adequate support to the stand taken by developing countries. Government of India has advocated the policy of CBDR Combined But  Differentiated Responsibilities i.e. the developing countries should not be burdened disproportionately  for bearing the cost of shift towards the model of sustainable development being promoted.

The Third Technical Committee of the International  Labour Conference will be A recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of social dialogue under the follow up to the 2008 ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization.  ILO has introduced a system of recurrent discussion in which in a six year cycle, the four pillars of decent work Employment, Social Security, Social Dialogue Rights at Work ( Employment and Social Security will be discussed twice in this six year cycle).  This Conference Committee will focus  on the role of social partners and labour administrators.   Labour Law Reforms and promoting of sound industrial relations will also be in focus.  The discussions of this Conference Committee assume greater significance in the post-financial crisis period.

The participants included representatives of different Trade Unions, the Confederation of Employers (CIE) and the representatives from ILO besides senior Officers from the M/o of Labour & Employment.

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