Conference Update :: Day 1 Session Details :: Corporate Crimes & Organisational Integrity Management 2013

Key Panel Discussion: The Nature and types of corporate crimes, its effect on business and Industry Vulnerability

  • The evolving nature of corporate and white collar crime in current business environment
  • What are the types of Corporate Crimes which are being committed Corporate Crime vs. white collar crime
  • The evolution of corporate crime and how is the modus operandi changing to involve all facets of professionals
  • Lying, cheating and stealing – is still the same Civil vs. criminal violations
  • Criminal Cartels which can effect and drag your organisation indirectly into criminal activity
  • Analyzing impact corporate crimes and risks on businesses and employed professionals
  • Thoughts: Persecution of Financial crime in the new regulatory climate

Session Two: Preventing and Defending Corporate Crimes Protecting Trade Secrets

  • Trade secret or confidential information can be a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, or compilation of information by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers.
  • Companies often try to discover one another’s trade secrets through lawful methods of reverse engineering or employee poaching on one hand, and potentially unlawful methods including industrial espionage on the other.
  • In this information age, it’s imperative that a business protects its new formula, product, technology, customer lists, or future business plans. In the global marketplace, Indian corporations are often required to comply with foreign laws and are likely to be exposed to liabilities for violation of confidential information or trade secrets of their business partners or third parties.
  • For example, the U.S. Economic Espionage Act, 1996 imposes criminal liability (including fines and prison sentences) on any person who intentionally or knowingly steals a trade secret, knowingly receives, or purchases a wrongfully obtained trade secret.
    • What constitutes a trade secret
    • Protecting Trade Secrets: Establish Priorities and Procedures
    • Providing a Safety Net for Confidential Data
    • Misappropriation of trade secrets: liability of third parties
    • Measures for defending stealing of Trade Secrets

Session Three : Forensic Psychoanalysis of Corporate Crimes

  •    Understanding root causes of vacuum of ethics in corporate criminal activity postponing gratification
  •    Criminal Behaviour Analysis
  •    How does the Vacuum of ethics evolve in corporate offenders
  •    High-degree sensation-seeking individuals

Session Four : Financial frauds and high-tech crimes

The recent spate of financial frauds in India combined with increased regulations from RBI around protection of credit card and online transactions has highlighted how technology is being misused to commit frauds. With the onset of UIDAI-enabled services, it is only more likely that fraudsters will continue to work in ingenious ways to manipulate weak controls and commit more serious financial frauds. This talk looks at some recent examples of financial frauds, controls that organizations need to deploy, and an overall framework for fraud risk management from the technology perspective

  •    Use of data analytics to detect fraud in related to the P2P cycle
  •    Use of digital forensics to discover evidence of fraud
  •    Examples of failures in ERP controls leading to Work place crimes
  •    Ingenious ways to manipulate weak controls and commit more serious financial frauds
  •    Top 10 technology aspects to keep in mind from fraud management perspective
  •    Tricks to deceive auditors

Session Five: Corporate Criminality risk of Money Laundering

  •    Brief of money laundering and how it can affect your organization
  •    What are the long term implications and losses of not being compliant with the risk of AML
  •    Insight into the current state of AML risks
  •    What are the most vulnerable areas and process controls for the same

Session Six: Far above the ground understanding in curbing corporate crimes & corruptions

  •    Strategy to tackle grand corruption, an abuse of public power for private gain
  •    Interagency Coordination to increase the impact of anti corruption programmes and initiatives
  •    Improving accountability, transparency & integrity in democratic governance,
  •    Governing the issue of licenses, auction of public assets and norms
  •    Norms for regulation of business in various sectors.

Session Seven: Preventing and Defending Criminal exploitation of Supply Chain and Procurement

  •    Crimes that are incidental to business operations in transportations of goods
  •    Key areas where supply chain is susceptible to criminal activity
  •    Crimes commited and vernuability of Inbound supply Chain
  •    Crimes commited and vernuability Outbound supply chain
  •    Reviewing supply chain crime – purchasing, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, shipping, sales order processing, inventory control, quality assurance, and fixed asset management
  •    Case review: examples of supply chain crime and impact
  •    Profiling of fraudster and MO trends in supply chain

Session Eight: Identifying and mitigating your exposure to criminal activity in procurement

  •    Characteristics and most common corporate crimes in procurement
  •    Procurement fraud schemes
  •    What are the ‘red flags’ of
  •    The red flags of bribes, kickbacks & other criminal activity

Key Panel Discussion: Unreasonable systems that excessively confine professional behaviours

  •    Framework and approach to autonomy within the organization
  •    Provisional and permanent employees
  •    Professional Competence and Due Care
  •    Regulation and management responsibilities
  •    Professional Conduct and Ethics
  •    Close relationship between the profession and the processes of government and law enforcement.

Location: Sea Princess Juhu, Mumbai

Dates: 18 – 19 July 2013

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