Conference Update :: Day 2 Session Details :: Corporate Crimes & Organisational Integrity Management 2013

Session 1: The role of discreet and covert intelligence gathering in investigating swindle, bribery and corruption

  • Discreet investigative due diligence investigations, enable to minimize organisational risks
  • Deep understanding of investigative, intelligence techniques and analysis in support of corporate investigations
  • Anti corruption and bribery
  • Security issues, particularly related to political violence

Session 2: Strategy and map to overcome grand corruption, an abuse of public power for private gain

  • Interagency Coordination to increase the impact of anti corruption programmes and initiatives
  • Improving accountability, transparency & integrity in self-governing control
  • Norms for regulation of business in various sectors.

Session 3: GRC Enabler: Information Governance and its role in a successful GRC
strategy Developing an enterprisewide information governance strategy.

  • Identify current and target states on Information Governance Maturity Model
  • Challenges and strategies in implementing roadmaps,
  • Learn about technologies that accelerate movement up
  • Information Management maturity curves
  • What are the significant forces affecting the governance of IT in contemporary organizations?
  • How are organizations governing IT in order to manage the business imperatives of the economy?
  • What is the new organizing logic for IT governance, and what is the business
  • What are best practices for Information Governance?

Session 4: An indepth analysis on types of corporate crimes Global and National Perspective

  • CASE STUDY: Corporate Crimes case study from across the globe  Case study on criminal acts committed by corporate managers, representatives, and technical specialists.
  •  Corporate versus individual liability
  • Conflict Analysis: Understanding when the interests of a company and its employees may come into conflict, and the practical steps which can be taken, is critical to steering a company through an emerging incident.
  • On the job thievery  common schemes employed by people
  • Industry benchmarking

Session 5: The Session is designed to walk attendees through and equip them with a practical AML investigation model to use that:

  • Provides a consistent and robust investigation (riskbased) approach to conducting investigations; ensuring:
    • That the correct decision is made (suspicious / not suspicious);
    • That investigations are conducted efficiently and effectively; and
  • Ensuring investigation summaries (incl. STRs) are written in a format
    acceptable to the regulators / auditors.

Session 6: Warehousing , Inventory fraud and other criminal activity

  • How managers conceal inventory and capital asset theft?
  • Case studies of inventory/fixed asset frauds

Session 7: Misuse of position and corporate property for personal gain

The Company is committed to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. The Company conducts its business as a good corporate citizen and complies with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to it or the conduct of its business. This commitment and standard of conduct governs our relationships with customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, the communities in which we operate, and with each other as Employees at every organizational level.

  • Disclosing contractor bid or proposal information or source selection information
  • Selfdealing by corporate insiders including insider trading
  • Kickbacks, misuse of corporate property for personal gain
  • Self-dealing by corporate insiders including insider trading
  • Encourage compliance with applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations;
  • Encourage honest and ethical conduct, including fair dealing and the ethical handling of conflicts of interest;

Session 8: Organisational Integrity Management for reducing corporate crimes

  • What are corporate integrity pacts and processes needed to mitigate wrong doings preempted by senior management resignation
  • Corporate integrity risks in the current business environment
  • How do you manage integrity risk?
  • Identifying current drivers and enablers of workplace dishonesty and criminal activity
  • How to you define Corporate Criminal activity in your organization?
  • Mitigating criminal liability brought by unscrupulous activity of senior management
  • Whistle blowing policy

Session 9: Open Session

  • Discussion which focus on questions and issues which lie between the line, are in
    the back of everybody minds, but are not brought forward in public discussions
    Managing Corporate Crimes what are the common issues which will result in
    this being one more buzz word and practice which is just on paper?
  • How do you reduce organizational exposure to fraud from external sources and Fraudulent and criminal behaviors of internal employees
  • Analysis: Could the recent scams and frauds corporate criminal activities been prevented with good governance models?
  • How can departments contribute positively in a identifying and reducing corporate crimes?
  • Identifying core process changes and initiative to be undertaken by organization with respect to corporate crimes
  • Internal corporate compliance investigations
  • Managing corporate criminal investigation from external and govt. agencies

Location: Sea Princess Juhu, Mumbai

Dates: 18 – 19 July 2013

Participation Fee: Paid Delegate Nominations @ 19500 /-

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