Commencement Notification CA2013 :: Notified Sections 176, 181, 183

Chapter XII -Meetings of Board and its Powers (173 – 195)

Section 176- Defects in appointment of directors not to invalidate actions taken

No act done by a person as a director shall be deemed to be invalid, notwithstanding that it was subsequently noticed that his appointment was invalid by reason of any defect or disqualification or had terminated by virtue of any provision contained in this Act or in the articles of the company:

Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to give validity to any act done by the director after his appointment has been noticed by the company to be invalid or to have terminated.

Section 181- Company to contribute to bona fide and charitable funds, etc

The Board of Directors of a company may contribute to bona fide charitable and other funds:

Provided that prior permission of the company in general meeting shall be required for such contribution in case any amount the aggregate of which, in any financial year, exceed five per cent. of its average net profits for the three immediately preceding financial years.

Section 183- Power of Board and other persons to make contributions to national defence fund, etc

(1) The Board of Directors of any company or any person or authority exercising the powers of the Board of directors of a company, or of the company in general meeting, may, notwithstanding anything contained in sections 180181 and section 182 or any other provision of this Act or in the memorandum, articles or any other instrument relating to the company, contribute such amount as it thinks fit to the National Defence Fund or any other Fund approved by the Central Government for the purpose of national defence.

(2) Every company shall disclose in its profits and loss account the total amount or amounts contributed by it to the Fund referred to in sub-section (1) during the financial year to which the amount relates.

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