ICSI launches Primer on Companies Act 2013 on YouTube

On the occasion of ICSI Foundation Day (04.10.2013) , CS S. N. Ananthasubramanian, President, Council of the ICSI launches:
“ICSI Primer on Companies Act 2013” on “YOUTUBE” Channel (

CS S.N Ananthasubramanian, President, Council of the ICSI, while launching the ICSI Primer on Companies Act 2013, said that , The Institute is undertaking a large number of initiatives to build up the human resource capacity in the country to implement the Companies Act, 2013 in letter and spirit and thereby enable the country to reap the benefits of the new law expeditiously. These include about 500 seminars, workshops and study circles during this quarter. These also include a number of publications and guidance notes on the new law, he said President, Council of the ICSI, further briefed that , the Institute is conscious of the need to reach the masses across the country, which is possible, if the education is free. For this purpose, it is leveraging technology through MOOCs (Mass Online Open Courses) to provide free education on the company law.

In fact, the Institute is the only agency in India to launch a comprehensive ˜Primer on Companies Act, 2013™, the only agency to offer the same through MOOCs, and the only agency to make the same available free of cost to anybody and everybody. It has developed 16 videos of about 35 minutes each on various aspects of the Companies Act, 2013 and made the same available online. These videos are
available on the web site of the Institute, YouTube and any other free channel(s). These videos would also be used in seminars and class rooms for better understanding about the new company law, informed President of Council of the ICSI.

Episode No. Theme Detailed Coverage
Philosophy, Thrust  and Principles Subordinate Legislation, Self-Regulation, Time Bound Delivery, Efficiency
Novelties  One Person Company, Small Company, Dormant Company, Registered Valuers, Layers of Companies, E-Governance, KMP, CSR, Corporate Governance
3 Incorporation  Memorandum, Articles, Entrenchment, Alterations of M&A, Registered Office, Certification by Professionals
4 Regulatory Jurisdiction Responsibilities of MCA and SEBI, Rules, Regulations, Corporate Governance
5 Fund Raising  Public Offer, Private Placement, Deposits, Charges, Dividend
Management and Administration  General Meetings, Votings, Resolution
Disclosures and Transparency Annual Return, Board Report, Report on AGM, Promoter Holding
8 Accounts and Audit  NFRA, Rotation of Auditors, Reopening of Accounts, Voluntary Revision of Financial Statements, Internal Audit
Corporate Governance I Accountability, Board Composition, Meetings, Various Committees, IDs
10  Corporate Governance II  Gender Diversity, Vigil Mechanism, Remuneration, Corporate Social Responsibility
11 Corporate Governance III  Responsibilities and Challenges of Company Secretary Functions, Key Managerial Personnel, Secretarial Audit, Secretarial Standards 
12  Enforcement Actions I  Inspection, Inquiry, Investigation, SFIO, Fraud, Mediation
13 Compromise, Amalgamation and Arrangements  Merger or amalgamation of companies, Single forum for approval of mergers and acquisitions, Simple and shorter merger process for two small cos. or holding subsidiary co., Power to acquire shares of dissenting shareholders, Purchase of minority shareholding
14  Investor Protection  IEPF, Class Action, Exit opportunity, E-Voting, Disgorgement, Deposits, Fair valuation by registered valuer, Oppression and mismanagement
15  Winding up  Voluntary, By Tribunal, Liquidators, Unregistered Companies, Summary Procedure for Liquidation
16  Enforcement Actions II  Penalties, Special Courts, Adjudication, NCLT, NCLAT, Supreme Court, Compounding


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  1. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

  2. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

  3. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

  4. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

  5. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

  6. R J Shah says:

    I could locate just 3 videos on youtube. Where are the other videos,

    1. corporatelawreporter says:

      Please go to You Tube and search for “companies act 2013 primer”. All the videos will be available to you

    2. corporatelawreporter says:

      They are being uploaded in tranches – but we think all videos should get uploaded within this week.

    3. corporatelawreporter says: – The channel for this purpose only!!

  7. corporatelawreporter says:

    The ICSI Channel for this purpose is available at

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