Section 419 of Companies Act, 2013 – Benches of Tribunal

  • Updated Till : March 19, 2023


[Effective from 1st June 2016]

(1) There shall be constituted such number of Benches of the Tribunal, as may, by notification, be specified by the Central Government.

(2) The Principal Bench of the Tribunal shall be at New Delhi which shall be presided over by the President of the Tribunal.

(3) The powers of the Tribunal shall be exercisable by Benches consisting of two Members out of whom one shall be a Judicial Member and the other shall be a Technical Member:

Provided that it shall be competent for the Members of the Tribunal authorised in this behalf to function as a Bench consisting of a single Judicial Member and exercise the powers of the Tribunal in respect of such class of cases or such matters pertaining to such class of cases, as the President may, by general or special order, specify:

Provided further that if at any stage of the hearing of any such case or matter, it appears to the Member that the case or matter is of such a nature that it ought to be heard by a Bench consisting of two Members, the case or matter may be transferred by the President, or, as the case may be, referred to him for transfer, to such Bench as the President may deem fit.

(4) The President shall, for the disposal of any case relating to rehabilitation, restructuring, reviving [1][**], of companies, constitute one or more Special Benches consisting of three or more Members, majority necessarily being of Judicial Members.

(5) If the Members of a Bench differ in opinion on any point or points, it shall be decided according to the majority, if there is a majority, but if the Members are equally divided, they shall state the point or points on which they differ, and the case shall be referred by the President for hearing on such point or points by one or more of the other Members of the Tribunal and such point or points shall be decided according to the opinion of the majority of Members who have heard the case, including those who first heard it.

Applicable Notification

Notification constituting the Benches  of National Company Law Tribunal

Notification No. S.O. 1935(E) dated 1st June 2016

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 419 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013), the Central Government hereby constitutes the following Benches of the National Company Law Tribunal mentioned in column (2) of the table below, located at the place mentioned in column (3) and to exercise the jurisdiction over the area mentioned in column (4), namely:—



Title of the Bench Location Territorial Jurisdiction of the Bench
(1) (2) (3) (4)
1. (a) National Company Law Tribunal, Principal Bench.

(b) National Company Law Tribunal, New Delhi Bench.

New Delhi (1) State of Haryana.

(2) State of Rajasthan.

(3) Union territory of Delhi.

2. National Company Law Tribunal, Ahmedabad Bench. Ahmedabad (1) State of Gujarat.

(2) State of Madhya Pradesh.

(3) Union territory of Dadra and Nagar


(4) Union territory of Daman and Diu.

3. National Company Law Tribunal, Allahabad Bench. Allahabad (1) State of Uttar Pradesh.

(2) State of Uttarakhand.

4. National Company Law Tribunal, Bengaluru Bench. Bengaluru (1) State of Karnataka.
5. National Company Law Tribunal, Chandigarh Bench. Chandigarh (1) State of Himachal Pradesh.

(2) State of Jammu and Kashmir.

(3) State of Punjab.

(4) Union territory of Chandigarh.

6. National Company Law Tribunal, Chennai Bench. Chennai (1) State of Kerala.

(2) State of Tamil Nadu.

(3) Union territory of Lakshadweep.

(4) Union territory of Puducherry.

7. National Company Law Tribunal, Guwahati Bench. Guwahati (1) State of Arunachal Pradesh.

(2) State of Assam.

(3) State of Manipur.

(4) State of Mizoram.

(5) State of Meghalaya.

(6) State   of Nagaland.

(7) State of Sikkim.

(8) State of Tripura.

8. National Company Law Tribunal, Hyderabad Bench. Hyderabad (1) State of Andhra Pradesh.

(2) State of Telangana.

9. National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata Bench. Kolkata (1) State of Bihar.

(2) State of Jharkhand.

(3) State of Odisha.

(4) State of West Bengal.

(5) Union territory of Andaman and

Nicobar Islands.

10. National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai Bench. Mumbai (1) State of Chhattisgarh.

(2) State of Goa.

(3) State of Maharashtra


[1] Omitted words “or winding up” by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015 vide Notification No. S.O. 1440(E) dated 29th May 2015.


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