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CORPORATE LAW REFERENCER- 3rd edition-FY 2017-18

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Author: eMinds Legal LLP

Publisher: Lexis Nexis

Edition: Third Edition, 2017 (updated up to 15th April, 17)

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 1690 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978-81-3125-105-8

Short Description: Presenting 360° View of the Companies Act 2013 with Section-wise Arrangement of all Circulars, Orders, Rules, Notifications and Forms including Procedures, Checklists, FAQs and Judicial Precedents

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Special Features: Get free access to Companies Act 2013 updated on a real time basis with section wise arrangement of Circulars, Orders, Rules and Notifications at www.corporatelawreporter.com, Register with Unique Code inside to get access with an option to copy.

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Corporate Law Referencer-It’s Different!

 A book so unique, yet simple, that you can’t help falling in love with it !

Sumit Pahwa,
Lead Author, Founder & Partner,
eMinds Legal LLP


Corporate Law Referencer (CLR) presents the Companies Act 2013 in a unique way where all the Circulars, Orders, Rules, Notifications (CORN) and Forms along with the Procedures, Checklists, FAQs and Judicial Precedents related to a particular section are arranged just below that section so as to give a 360 degree view of the respective section.

Key Features
• Format of non eForms and practical guidance to fill eForms
• Quick Referencers containing over 100 procedures and compliance checklists
• More than 450 FAQs on grey areas and practical issues
• 100 plus landmark judgments on relevant provisions
• 13 concise Tables consolidating various topics such as fees, stamp duty rates, compliances based on threshold limits, registers, committees, website disclosures, exemptions to private companies etc.
• Secretarial Standards
• The NCLT and NCLAT Rules 2016 along with forms
• Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 along with Circulars, Orders, Rules and Notifications (CORN) placed under the relevant section
• Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016

A book that is updated daily !
Get free access to Companies Act 2013 updated on a real time basis with section wise arrangement of Circulars, Orders, Rules
and Notifications at www.corporatelawreporter.com Register with Unique Code inside to get access with an option to copy

A Book that offers you free support by answering your queries !!!


“…a commendable attempt…this “Referencer” would serve as benchmark in understanding the provisions of law and will improve the quality of professional services…”

Nesar Ahmad
Former President, ICSI

“…this Book will provide the much needed support to the practitioners and Industries so that they always remain on the
right side of the Law.”

M M Chitale
Former President, ICAI

“…a comprehensively updated manual that reflects the latest changes in corporate laws…I find the analytical approach of the book of immense use…”

Hitender Mehta
Partner, Vaish Associates Advocates, Member, MCA Expert Group on LLPs

“…a good book… analysing and putting together all the provisions, circulars, forms, practical guidance and comparative analysis with respect to each subject matter at one place…”

Lalit Kumar
Partner, J Sagar Associates

“… one point reference for all corporate professionals and students… comprehensive with well structured sections/chapters…making it a simple and interesting read for all the readers…”

Vinay Kumar
General Manager – Legal, Hero Motocorp Limited

Note from the Lead Author



Dear Professional Colleagues,

Welcome to Corporate Law Referencer – a book so unique, yet simple, that you can’t help falling in love with it.

Please continue reading Only if YOU are a Purist….
(….i.e. if you love to read law, pure law and nothing but the law)

• Are you still using the old alarm clock?
• Are you still using the old cameras with camera rolls?
• Are you still using the old black and white cell phone on which you have to press the button
multiple times to type an alphabet?
• Are you not on any form of social media?

If the answers to most or all of the above questions is “No”, then it is high time that you moved on from your “Old Bare Act” or just any other regular book on Companies Act and try something different. Corporate Law Referencer believes that normal is boring, hence Companies Act 2013 is
presented to you in an extremely novel and different way.


I guarantee you that you will soon fall in love with the book and will forever treasure the Corporate Law Referencer as one of the best investments in your library. In fact, after you start reading this book, chances are high that you will get addicted to it so much that you will not be able to enjoy any other book except the Corporate Law Referencer (We know it because this is what our existing readers say).

Here are 10 reasons which make Corporate Law Referencer different:

1. Section is the King

With Corporate Law Referencer, all you need to remember is that Companies Act is just 470 sections. Period. Let the 100s of Circulars, Orders, Rules and Notifications (CORN) issued on several sections of Companies Act 2013 not confuse you anymore. This is because all the relevant
rules, clarifications and amendments i.e. the entire CORN are placed just below each section so that you get a 360º understanding of the section without flipping pages. So just jump to the relevant section and you can be sure of not missing even a single word notified about that section
by the Legislature.

2. Procedures, Compliance Checklists & Rich Quick Reference Tables
Below each section in Corporate Law Referencer, you will find Quick Referencers, which provide section wise compliance checklist and over 100 procedures under the Companies Act 2013. Moreover, 13 Quick Reference Tables (T-1 to T-13) are provided at the information consolidated as per the relevant topic.

3. Forms
Unlike other books, you don’t need to refer different volumes or flip pages to find forms relevant to a section. In Corporate Law Referencer you get the format of non e-forms and the summarised MCA help for Practical Guidance to eForms below respective section. Updated format of all the
Non e-Forms are also available for download on www.corporatelawreporter.com.

4. Shades of Grey
Corporate Law Referencer covers over 400 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below the relevant section which represent grey areas as well as interpretations of law on several practical issues faced by professionals. Along with the FAQs is also mentioned the opinion of eMinds Legal, the authors, on those practical issues or grey areas. So instead of asking queries to your friends or seniors, first have a look at the FAQs just below the relevant section. You may be pleasantly surprised to find your exact query and the answer by the experts.

5. Landmark Judgments
Corporate Law Referencer captures over 100 select landmark judgments as judicial precedents under the respective section. Most of the precedents pertain to the era of Companies Act 1956, however, they have been carefully selected such that they still hold good in relati0n to the analogous provisions of the Companies Act 2013. Further, only select judgments that extend the meaning or interpretation of any section (and not contradict/merely repeat the provisions of Companies Act 2013) have been included. A brief headnote of the judgment has been provided
along with complete citation so that you get the ratio of the judgment quickly and a complete citation will help you pull out the entire judgment, if required, from relevant sources.

6. Less is More
We understand that in this Twitter world, time is the scarcest commodity. At eMinds Legal, our mission is Simplifying Law. We have therefore placed all content in Corporate Law Referencer in such a short and crisp manner so that you get maximum value in minimum words. This approach
has also helped us reduce the number of pages from the first edition while substantially increasing the coverage, content and the overall value including the new sections FAQs and judicial precedents in this edition. This also makes the book handy so that you can carry it to client sites,
departments, Courts, your office or home for quick referencing and reading.

7. Rich Practical Experience
Corporate Law Referencer has been authored by a team of professionals at eMinds Legal LLP, which is a Corporate Law Firm based in Gurgaon, India, specialising in Corporate Laws and Compliances. So, the rich academic and practical experience of the Authors on Companies Act has
been distilled and condensed in this book to offer you the right advice.

8. A Book that Updates Daily (almost on a Real Time basis)
All the 470 sections of Companies Act 2013 along with Circulars, Orders, Rules and Notifications (CORN) have been placed on Corporate Law Reporter (www.corporatelawreporter.com). The CORN has been placed just below the respective section, exactly as it appears in the book. This
will give you the seamless experience because while reading the book, you can simply type the relevant section number and you will have the entire section, updated on a real time basis along with the CORN. All the word copies of Non e-Forms are also available on the site for quick
download and instant use. And all of the above content is free, because the best things in life are free; for everything else, there are credit cards.

9. A Book that offers you free support
If you have any query on any of the provisions of Companies Act 2013 or commentary provided in Corporate Law Referencer, just mail your query to eminds@corporatelawreporter.co.in along with your name, official email id, mobile number, organisation and designation. Our team of
experts will be happy to review your query and advise you accordingly.

10. Prestigious Publishers
Corporate Law Referencer has been published by LexisNexis, one of the leading publishers in India and abroad. The editorial team of LexisNexis has ensured that all the i’s are dotted, t’s crossed and the legislative provisions captured in this book are accurate and up to date.

If you are still wondering whether this book will achieve what it promises to, then ask yourself a simple question – how many such notes from the author have you read of the several hundreds of books that you may have. The fact that you spent your valuable time reading this note, is one small indicator that this
book is different and you are surely going to love Corporate Law Referencer.

You can provide your valuable feedback to us on our email: eminds@corporatelawreporter.co.in so that our next editions of Corporate Law Referencer can be smarter and better.

So, let us all learn, unlearn and relearn the Companies Act 2013 with Corporate Law Referencer!

Please drop in a line to us on how you liked this book and what would you like us to add, modify or delete in the next edition. We will be happy to hear from you!

And, by the way, if you fall in love with Corporate Law Referencer (like me), then please refer it to fellow professionals in your network so that they can also benefit from this innovation in law.

Sumit Pahwa, Lead Author
Founder & Partner, eMinds Legal LLP
F: facebook.com/sumitpahwa77
E: sumit@emindslegal.com