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Conference Update :: Day 2 Session Details :: Corporate Crimes & Organisational Integrity Management 2013

Session 1: The role of discreet and covert intelligence gathering in investigating¬†swindle, bribery and corruption Discreet investigative due diligence investigations, enable to minimize organisational risks Deep understanding of investigative, intelligence techniques and analysis in support of corporate investigations Anti corruption and bribery Security issues, particularly related to political violence Session 2: Strategy and map to… Read More

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Conference Alert – Corporate Crimes & Organisational Integrity Management 2013

Companies are susceptible to economic crime especially during stressed economies. Deliberate steps by one or more individuals, internal or external to deceive or mislead with the objective of misappropriating assets of a business, distorting an organization's apparent financial performance or strength, or otherwise obtaining an unfair advantage can be termed as corporate crime. Corporate crime… Read More

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