Indian Contract Act 1872

Corporate Insolvency under SARFAESI

A reasonable person acquainted with the business world would concur with me if I say that it is almost impossible to conceive of a business that is completely insolvency-free. Laws relating to corporate insolvency and restructuring were enacted to serve several objectives, namely, to restore the debtor company to profitable trading where this is practicable;… Read More

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Rights and Privileges of Holder in Due Course

HOLDER IN DUE COURSE AND RIGHTS AND PRIVIELEGES PROVIDED TO HOLDER IN DUE COURSE UNDER NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT (INDIA) HOLDER IN DUE COURSE The phrase ˜Holder in Due Course™ shortens considerable the cumbrous English equivalent ˜bona fide holder for value without notice™; and both the Indian and English Acts have adopted this phrase. Sec. 9… Read More

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