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Patent Office issues Public Notice w.r.t. Patent Renewal Certificates and related facilities

Government of India Office of The Controller General Patents, Designs & Trade Marks Boudhik Sampada Bhavan, Nr. Antop Hill Head Post Office, S.M. Road, Antop Hill, Mumbai-400 037, India. No. CG/F/Public Notice/2013/122                                              … Read More

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Guidelines For Examination Of Biotechnology Applications For Patent

1. Introduction Biotechnology exploits biological materials, living or non-living, and is broadly classified as classical and modern biotechnology. The age-old fermentation process for producing alcohol, isolation of antibiotics from moulds or other micro-organisms are only a few examples of classical biotechnology. Modern biotechnology started with the gene splicing technology or genetic engineering which developed in… Read More

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Public Notice on working of Patents (Form-27)

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INDIA PATENTS/DESIGNS/ TRADE MARKS/GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS Government of India Office of The Controller General, Patents, Designs & Trade Marks, Boudhik Sampada Bhavan, S.M. Road, Antop Hill, Mumbai-400 037 (India) No. CG/Public Notice/2013/77 Date: 12.02.2013 PUBLIC NOTICE In accordance with the provisions contained in sub-section (2) of section 146 of the Patents Act, 1970 read… Read More

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Official Journal Of The Patent Office 05th April 2013

In view of the recent amendment made in the Patents Act, 1970 by the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005 effective from 01st January 2005, the Official Journal of The Patent Office is required to be published under the Statute. This Journal is being published on weekly basis on every Friday covering the various proceedings on Patents… Read More

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