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Revised PD Returns for Primary Dealers

RBI/2013-14/168 IDMD.PDRD.No. 346 / 10.02.23 / 2013-14 July 31, 2013 All the Primary Dealers Dear Sir/Madam, Revised PD Returns for Primary Dealers A reference is invited to para 3.8 of RBI™s Master Circular IDMD.PDRD.01/03.64.00/2013-14 dated July 01, 2013 on Operational Guidelines to Primary Dealers regarding reporting requirements of various regulatory returns submitted at periodic intervals to RBI.… Read More

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Liquidity Adjustment Facility Standalone Primary Dealers

RBI/2013-14/153 FMD.MOAG. No. 83/01.01.001/2013-14 July 23, 2013 All Standalone Primary Dealers Dear Sir, Liquidity Adjustment Facility As you are aware, Reserve Bank of India announced additional measures today to address the exchange rate volatility. As a part of these measures, it has been decided that the total amount of funds available to a standalone Primary… Read More

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RBI Guidelines on Securities Transactions to be followed by Primary Dealers

RBI/2012-13/549 IDMD.PCD.13/14.03.07/2012-13 June 26, 2013 To All Market Participants Dear Sir/Madam, Guidelines on Securities Transactions to be followed by Primary Dealers Please refer to our Notifications IDMC.PDRS.PDS.No.2/03.64.00/2000-01 dated November 13, 2000 and IDMC. No. PDRS/2049A/03.64.00/99-2000 dated December 31, 1999 on the captioned subject. 2. The above directions have been reviewed and it has been decided that Primary Dealers are… Read More

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