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Check List of documents for filing of New Design Applications (online and Offline)

Check List of documents for filing of New Design Applications (online and Offline) In order to process the design applications faster, the applicants are hereby requested to submit/upload the following documents. The applicants are also advised to submit the original or paper copy of the electronically filed (e-filing) documents within 15 days of such electronic… Read More

New Trade Marks Rules 2017 notified w.e.f. 6th March 2017

Press Information Bureau Government of India Ministry of Commerce & Industry 06-March-2017 19:35 IST Trade Mark Rules 2017 The Trade Mark Rules, 2017 have been notified and have come into effect from 06th March, 2017. These Rules, which replace the erstwhile Trade Mark Rules 2002, will streamline and simplify the processing of Trade Mark applications.… Read More

5 vital pieces of advice for Trademark Registration in India

5 vital pieces of advice for Trademark Registration in India

Trademark registration gives legal right to the owner of a company to use a particular symbol or logo as the identity of their business. Trademark registration is the first thing an owner should look for after the successful company name registration. To avoid future conflicts because of similarities with the mark of any other organisation… Read More

Cable Television and Copyright Owners

Abstract: ‘TV is galloping in; the country has sixty million homes with TV, of which twenty eight million are cabled, bringing to city and hamlet alike a choice of around a hundred channels. ‘There are now more TV channels available in Mumbai than in most US cities,’ Bill Clinton noted on a trip to the… Read More

Semiconductor Integrated circuit layout design: An Intellectual property protection in Indian Regime

Abstract The growth and development in the world has far ago created a new stream to be considered as property i.e. the intellectual property. These properties are created by human who possess intelligence, creativity, intellect, etc which ultimately provide them the right in respect of such property, which is furthermore protected by the government. The… Read More

Date for Enrolment as Facilitators for Startups in Patents and Trade Marks extended up to 10-07- 2016

The scheme for Facilitating  Startups Intellectual Property (SIPP launched by Government of India has been notified by CGPDTM in IPO website along with the list of Facilitators in Patents, Designs and Trademarks who had conveyed their willingness up to 10-3-2016 function as facilitators for startups. Date for Enrolment as Facilitators for Startups in Patents and Trade… Read More

Patents (Amendments) Rules, 2016

The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2016 have come into force w.e.f. 16th May, 2016. In this regard the stakeholders and general public are hereby informed that in terms of provisions of sub-rule(13) of Rule 24C relating to expedited examination of applications, the number of requests for expedited examination  to be received  by the Patent Office on… Read More

Cabinet approves National Intellectual Property Rights Policy

The Union Cabinet yesterday approved the National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy that will lay the future roadmap for intellectual property in India. The Policy recognises the abundance of creative and innovative energies that flow in India, and the need to tap into and channelise these energies towards a better and brighter future for all.… Read More

Copyright Law and Technology : Challenging the concept of Balance

The copyright law has symbiotic relationship with technology. The new technology  enables a noble ways to enjoy copyrighted content, which opens a new markets for artists to sell their licensed works but when technology opens multiple ways to access the copyrighted works the problems between copyright and technology arises.  The  two paradigms exist to analyze… Read More

Registrar of Trade Mark issues further public notice in relation to abandonment of Application of Trade Marks

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Commerce & Industries Office of the Controller General Patents, Designs and Trademarks Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, S. M. Road, Antop Hill, Mumbai 400037 CG/Public Notice-/2016-17/ Date: 11/04/2016 Public Notice Trade Marks Registry has treated many applications as abandoned under Rule 38 (5) of the Trade Marks Rules 2002, in cases where… Read More

Stay order for Trademark circular, Delhi HC, 5th April, 2016

  The Hon'ble High Court of Delhi, in its recent judgment dated 5th April, 2016, has passed a stay order against the Circular/Notification no. CG Office/TMR/Public Notice/2016, dated 4th April, 2016, issued by the Office of the Controller General Patents, Designs and Trademarks. Vide abovementioned circular/notification, the applications against which no reply to examination report containing office… Read More

New Patent guidelines to improve filings for IT sector companies

The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks has issued new guidelines for issuance of computer-related inventions, which could make it easier for IT companies in the country to register a patent. The guidelines, issued on August 21, allow companies to show innovation in just software, rather than in both software and hardware as… Read More

Definition of Music under Copyright Act, 1957

Meaning of Copyright:-copyright is an exclusive right which gives protection to the owner of the work. It is a sole right given by law to the person who created, or owned original work, to print, to publish, or sale the copies of his original work where the copyright subsists. The object of the copyright is… Read More

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