All-India Consumer Price Index for Agricultural and Rural Labourers

A   communiqué received from the Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour & Employment  says  The AllIndia Consumer Price Index Numbers for Agricultural Labourers and Rural Labourers (Base: 1986-87=100) for July, 2013 increased by 11 points each to stand at 740 ( Seven hundred and forty) points for Agricultural Labourers and  741 points (Seven hundred and forty one)  for Rural Labourers.

The rise in index varied from State to State. In case of Agricultural Labourers, it recorded an increase which varied between 4 to 18 points in all the 20 States.  Karnataka with 822 points topped the index table whereas Himachal Pradesh with the index level of 583 points stood at the bottom.

In case of Rural Labourers, it recorded an increase between 3 to 19 points in all the 20   States.  Karnataka with 818 points topped the index table whereas Tripura State with the index level of 616 points stood at the bottom.

Orissa and Tripura States registered the maximum increase of 18 points each for Agricultural Labourers and Tripura State registered the maximum increase of 19 points for Rural Labourers mainly due to increase in the prices of rice, wheat atta, meat goat, pork, poultry, fish fresh, milk, onion,  chillies green, vegetables & fruits, tea readymade, pan leaf, dhoti cotton mill, shirting cloth cotton mill and leather chappal.

Point to point rate of inflation based on the CPI-AL and  CPI-RL decreased from 12.85% and 12.65% in June, 2013 to 12.80% and 12.61% in July, 2013.  Inflation based on food index of CPI-AL and CPI-RL are 13.84% and 13.80 % respectively during July, 2013.

All-India Consumer Price Index Number (General & Group-wise)

Group Agricultural Labourers Rural  Labourers
  June, 2013 July, 2013 June, 2013 July, 2013
General Index 729 740 730 741
Food 718 732 720 734
Pan, Supari,  etc. 994 990 1001 999
Fuel & Light 805 811 803 808
Clothing, Bedding  & Footwear 705 710 713 718
Miscellaneous 677 683 672 678

The CPI – AL/RL for August, 2013 will be released on 20th September, 2013.

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