Delhi Govt Approach to 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)


1. The Govt. of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD) initiated the process to prepare the Framework of Development Planning for the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in March 2011. We decided that 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) of Delhi shall be formulated within the Framework and Approach prepared in consultation with the citizens of Delhi, Voluntary organizations, civil society organizations, academicians, academic & research institutions, subject matter experts and other stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in the development process of Delhi so as to ensure the people™s participation.

2. I made appeals to the citizens of Delhi and organizations vide all leading Newspapers in September & October, 2011 to forward their suggestions for a suitable and comprehensive approach for 12th Five Year Plan of Delhi. The Background Document Issues & Challenges for 12th Five Year Plan of Delhiwas placed on the website to initiate the thinking process and facilitate in framing out the suitable suggestions.

3. Hon™ble Members of Parliament from Delhi and all Hon™ble Members of the Legislative Assembly were also requested to forward their suggestions for 12th Five Year Plan of Delhi. 4. I am extremely grateful and thanks to the citizens of Delhi, voluntary organizations, civil society organizations, academicians and academic & research institutions who made useful suggestions and participated in the Workshops. We have gone through each and every suggestion received for the 12th Five Year Plan of Delhi from various quarters.

5. With the implementation of a large number of civic infrastructure projects, new developmental policies and Reformative Measures taken by the GNCTD during 10th Five Year Plan (2002-07) and 11thFive Year Plan (2007-12), Delhi could be transformed and is now perhaps the greenest capital city of World. It is evident from power sector reforms, completion of Delhi Metro Phase-I & II, modernization of road transport system, construction of more than 55 grade separators/ flyovers, renovation of Delhi Airport and New Delhi railway station, setting up of six state universities, addition of about 12000 hospital beds and increasing the hospital bed-population ratio from 2.14 to 2.55, addition of water supply capacity by more than 200 MGD, provision of civic services in unplanned habitats, financial assistance to more than 4 lakh senior citizens, women in distress, persons with disabilities etc.

6. The Framework and Approach suggested for 12th Five Year Plan is to make Delhi an Environmentally sustainable Habitat and a Global Heritage City. This Approach will be materialized with construction of EWS houses for JJ households, better civic services with the re-organization and strengthening of local bodies, expansion of multi-modal public transport system, closer of old thermal power stations and addition in generation capacity with commissioning of new gas based Plants, development of new high-tech-knowledge based industrial estates and world class skill development & training Centre. Various other measures include qualitative improvement in school, higher & profession education, water sector reforms for equitable distribution of water, minimizing non-revenue water and controlled / regulated ground water usage, check on pollution by allowing discharge of only treated waste water in river Yamuna, expansion of health care infrastructure at primary, secondary and tertiary level, empowerment of women and welfare of all disadvantaged sections of society so as to ensure more inclusive growth etc.

7. I once again appeal to the citizens of Delhi and organizations willing to contribute in the development process of Delhi to continue to forward their suggestions for our guidance and better implementation of developmental programme in Delhi.

(Sheila Dikshit)
Chief Minister


The full document is available for download


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