Index of Eight Core Industries as of April, 2013

The summary of the Index of Eight Core Industries (base: 2004-05) is given at the Annexure.

The eight core industries have a combined weight of 37.90% in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).  The combined Index was 152.2 in April, 2013 with a growth rate of 2.3% compared to5.7% growth in April, 2012.  The decline in the growth rate in April, 2013 was mainly on account of negative growth witnessed in the production of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Fertilizer.


Coal production (weight: 4.38%) registered a growth of 3.1% in April, 2013 compared to its growth at 5.9% in April, 2012. However, during 2012-13 Coal production recorded a growth of 3.4% compared to its 1.3% growth during 2011-12.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil production (weight: 5.22%) registered a growth of (-) 1.2% in April, 2013 compared to its (-) 1.4% growth in April, 2012. During 2012-13 growth of Crude Oil production was negative at (-) 0.6% compared to its 1.0% growth during 2011-12.

Natural Gas

The growth rate of Natural Gas production (weight: 1.71%) was negative both in April, 2013 at (-) 17.4% and in April, 2012 at (-) 11.3%. The growth of Natural Gas production was similarly negative at (-) 14.5% during 2012-13 and (-) 8.9% during 2011-12.

Petroleum Refinery Products (0.93% of Crude Throughput)

Petroleum refinery production (weight: 5.94%) grew at 5.6% in April, 2013 compared to20.8% in April 2012.  The growth of Petroleum refinery production during 2012-13 was8.6% compared to its 3.1% growth during 2011-12.

The refinery production data for the month of April, 2013 and April, 2012 for RIL (SEZ) has been furnished by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas on prorated basis. The indices and growth rates for the respective months have been revised accordingly.


Fertilizer production (weight: 1.25%) registered a growth of (-) 2.4% in April, 2013 compared to (-) 9.3% in April, 2012. Fertilizer production registered a growth of (-) 3.4%during 2012-13compared to 0.4% during 2011-12.

Steel (Alloy + Non-Alloy)

Steel production (weight: 6.68%) had a growth rate of 1.9% in April, 2013 against 2.3% inApril, 2012. Steel production registered a growth of 2.5% during 2012-13 compared to 10.3% growth during 2011-12.


Cement production (weight: 2.41%) registered a growth of 8.3% in April, 2013 against 12.5% growth in April, 2012. The Cement Production growth was 9.3% during 2012-13 compared to its 6.7% growth during 2011-12.


Electricity generation (weight: 10.32%) had a 3.1% growth in April, 2013 compared to 5.4% growth in April, 2012. Electricity generation grew at 4.0% during 2012-13 compared to its 8.1% growth during 2011-12.

Note: Data are provisional. Revision has been made based on revised data obtained. 

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