Print Specifications for SAHAJ and SUGAM

Print Specifications for SAHAJ and SUGAM

  1. Printing of the forms should be according to the standards set below
  • No Black and White forms will be accepted and only standard forms with appropriate colors prescribed, fonts used, paper size, paper quality, Bar Code Values will be accepted by the department
  • Key aspects of the forms are listed below

i. Size of the paper should be A4 Sheet- (8.268 inches by 11.693 inches / 210mm by 297 mm )

ii.      Quality of the paper should be White Paper and above 70GSM. The Paper thickness should be of Executive Bond quality with a minimum of 70 GSM and above

iii.      Registration Marks should be present at every page and the coordinates of the same are indicated in the Sample Form given in Annexure A. It should be 0.25 from the top edge and the left corner edge.

iv.      There should be a series of square dots which should be placed on the both sides of the pages on every page. The distance of the same should be 0.32 from the left edge. The square dots are uniformly spaced at 3mm distance from each other

v.      Bar Code Specifications should be in Code 39 Format. The Position and Size of the Bar Code should be as Per Annexure A

vi.      The Values of the Barcode

    • 1201111A1C150000 Page 1
    • 1201121D1T040000-Page 2
    • Schedule TDS1
      • S201112S4S300000
      • Schedule TDS2
        • S201113T5T310000
      • Schedule IT
        • S201114R6R320000
      • Schedule TCS
        • S201115U4U300000
      • SUGAM
        • 4201111A1C130000-Page 1
        • 4201121C14E60000-Page 2
        • 4201131E7T040000 Page 3
        • ITR-V Acknowledgement
          • ACKNOWLEDGE

vii.      Color : RED -CMYK ( 0,100,100,0 ), BLACK CMYK ( 0,0,0,100). The Color specification should be as per color specifications given in the PDF File. The Ink used is the Dropout Ink which can be dropped out by a standard scanner.

viii.      Fonts Used are as follows

  • Helvetica

ix.      The relative position of all elements is fixed and the position of any elements cannot be altered

  1. Order of TDS schedules, TCS Schedules cannot be altered
  2. The number of entries in each schedule, the column elements cannot be altered. This is done to ensure direct mapping of Form 26 AS report with the form
  3. For any extra entries in Schedule TDS1, TDS2, IT and TCS, taxpayer should use supplementary schedules given in each form. Additional entries in this schedules would be accepted only in this supplementary schedules
  4. ITR-V Acknowledgement should be entered and signature taken from the concerned officer in charge


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