Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Income Tax Department : Recruitment Rules for Group B & C Cadres

C.R.I. -13/1(Core Comm) : Corr. No. 8




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F. No. HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10/(Pt)/1098

Dated : 2nd July, 2013

Office Order

Sub:-Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Income Tax Department : Constitution of Sub-committee No.6 : Recruitment Rules for Group B & C Cadres

1. Pursuant to the approval of the Government to the Restructuring Proposal of the Income-tax Department on 23.05.2013 for the creation of 20,751 additional posts, and for carrying out various measures to increase the effectiveness of the Department, a Core Committee has been constituted by the CBDT on 19.06.2013 to facilitate the implementation of the Cadre Restructuring.

2. The Board has also decided to constitute other Sub-committees to help in executing the various tasks emanating from the approved restructuring smoothly without affecting the important ongoing functions and annual targets of the Department .

3. Accordingly, a Sub-committee on RRs of Group B & C Cadres is constituted as under:


2. SHRI. D P SEMWAL (85038)

3. SHRI. V. ANANDRAJAN (88044)

4. SHRI. S S MEENA (93098)

5. SHRI. HORAM SINGH (00584)

6. SHRI A K SEHAJPAL (01869)

4. Sh J C Sehgal, DDIT HRD shall be the Member Secretary to this Sub-committee.

5. This Sub-Committee No. 6 known as the Sub-committee on RRs for Group B & C Cadres shall be responsible for the following:

  1. identifying requirements for amendments in RRs as a result of restructuring and the Model RRs,
  2. examining the issue such as the merger of posts like STA, Steno Gr 1. OS as Executive Assistant, and the consequent changes in promotion channels; and making recommendations for suitable amendments in the RRs.
  3. examining recruitment/promotion related problems in these posts faced in different regions, and recommend any required amendment in the RRs resolve the same.

6. The Chairman of the Sub-committee may further:

  1. constitute Working Groups including members of this Sub-committee, with each Group being responsible for making recommendations on specific areas and issues;
  2. ensure that each Working Group co-ordinates with the concerned DGIT/ CCIT CCA in their respective area of work, and
  3. ensure that the Implementation Committee set up by the CCsIT CCA shall obtain inputs from members of concerned cadres and shall communicate the same to the respective Sub-committee.

7. The time-frame for this Sub-committee to complete its task shall be three months.

8. The Sub-committee shall,

  1. Prepare and submit an Interim Report within two weeks of this Office Order, indicating the methodology and time frame for carrying out its work for submission of the final report.
  2. Submit interim/status reports from time to time indicating the progress of work and any issues that may require decisions or intervention of CBDT.

9. As decided by the Board, the aforesaid reports and communications would be submitted by the Sub-committee to the Core Committee, which would thereafter submit the same to the Board. This would facilitate co-ordination, communication, uniformity and standardization in the activities of all the Sub-committees, and ensure consistency and compliance to the basic tenets in the implementation of the Cadre Restructuring.

10. The Chairman of the Sub-committee may

  1. Co-opt more Members, if required, for specific activities, specialist inputs or to make the consultations broad based and inclusive.
  2. Constitute further Working Groups, as required, for examining various issues and for providing material that may assist the Sub-committee in its work

11. In order to ensure exchange of regular communication, feedback and inputs between the Members to achieve time-bound progress, the Sub-committee may primarily carry out communications through electronic means including e-mail videoconferencing, as feasible and required.

12. The Headquarters of the Sub-committee shall be at New Delhi in the Directorate of HRD, which shall function as its Secretariat and shall provide:

  1. All coordination and secretarial support, and assistance to’ the Subcommittee, as may be required for its functioning.
  2. Collect, obtain and provide feedback, data, information analysis and any other specialist or specific inputs that may be material to and necessary for carrying out its functions.

13. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority

(Sanjay Gosain)

Deputy Director of Income tax (HRD)

New Delhi

Copy to:

1. PS to FM/MoS (Revenue)

2. PS to Secretary (Revenue)

3. Chairman/Members CBDT

4. All Chief Commissioners of Income Tax (CCA); Director Generals of Income Tax (Inv.), ( I&CI), (Int. Taxation), (Exemption)

5. Director Generals of Income Tax (Systems), (Admn.), (Vigilance), (L&R), ( Logistics) (Training)

6. Chairman & Members of the Core Committee & Sub-committee

7. Secretary General, IRS Association, ITGOA and ITEF

8. Web-manager,, for uploading on the websites

 Deputy Director of Income tax (HRD)

New Delhi

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